With party season looming ahead I have created a few videos to demonstrate fun and original ways to entertain.

Your friends, it’s likely, will go to many parties this season, so it’s always good to think of ways to make yours special.

Here are a few ideas, which can be applied to any kind of party. 


It was Valentine’s Day that got me thinking about how to create the perfect romantic table. That’s not to say that a romantic table can only be for two! I created this table for three friends and myself, using a romantic setting as the inspiration. The key is understatement. No big gestures! Subtle colours work best, candles for soft lighting and, of course, flowers. The gold cutlery is a fun touch, which brings a sparkle of glamour to the table. A romantic table makes for cosy atmosphere, whoever you are with.


With the summer coming up there’s nothing like a Mediterranean table spread to get you and your guests in the mood. Creating a platter like this one will make your guests feel instantly like they are on holiday. It’s also useful for you, as it gives them something to nibble on, whilst you prepare the main meal. Wooden chopping boards are great to add to the table for a rustic feel. There’s something about the laid back aspect of this setting that always makes for a fun party – truly Mediterranean!


Remember those glowing and glittering buffets at birthday parties when you were little? Well, they are still as fun!  Creating a sweet table for grown ups is all about knick-knacks. Cookie cutters, felt tip pens, cake tins… And lots and lots of sweets! It’s a great idea for an afternoon drinks party, a wedding or a girl’s night. A sweet table is great fun and it’s amazing how fast it will bring out the child in your guests!


A Moroccan setting is all about the vibrant colours. Creating a Moroccan table is great fun and your guests will no doubt be in high spirits. You don’t need to spend years collecting artefacts of the Medina to recreate your own Morocco. I found that using contrasting colours by way of fruits, flowers and glassware was enough.  If you do want to go that extra bit, little Moroccan tea glasses can be bought at Portobello Road Market.

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