I have inherited a legacy of creativity. I see things, the way my mom saw them, I see the potential for beauty in everything. For me, an abandoned rusted tin watering can is as enchanting as a crystal vase. I am inspired by the mundane and moved by the ordinary, just as my mom once did.

I grew up at my parents apron strings, in the kitchen, licking left over bowls of chocolate ganache or cream-cheese icing.  Outside of the kitchen my world was always buzzing with colour, buttons, fabrics and patterns.

After school, I added discipline to my craft at London College of Fashion, achieving a BA Hons in Fashion Design. I later trained at Lesage in Paris, seduced by the extraordinary city and dazzled by masters of design.

Since then I have not stopped: cooking, baking, designing and entertaining. My latest project is the culmination of all my most profound and significant loves, experiences and relationships. It is a cookbook, dedicated to my late mother; it is a celebration of beauty, friendship, and family. I have sold books all over the globe, spreading love and light. Most essentially, I have done what my mother taught me to do- pay it forward. The Social Kitchen is a charity cookbook and the funds are donated to the Dermatrust.

This journey has been meaningful and challenging but mostly just awesome. I have written my way through each development, I have learned more than I could ever have imagined, and I want to share my moments with you. Some days were full of tears of frustration, others were clouded by practicality and many were inspired and fun. Read, learn, share and then tell me your story. Everybody has a story. Let’s make the future more delicious, together.

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